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Girls’ Week 2007
So how can I tell you about GW07 without sounding all sappy? Don’t think I can. From the sunrise on the way to the Nashville Airport to teary good-bye hugs at the Manchester (NH) Airport, it was a very special week indeed. We started out with a couple of additional girls – Elna’s daughter Heather and her daughter Rianne (age 9). It was fun to be a three generation cabin for the weekend. They left on Monday, we had an All Cabin Day on Tuesday (oh, I guess we did go down off the mountain for an ice cream cone after dinner!), headed out Wednesday for an overnight to Glens Falls, NY to see our aunt, stopped on our way back Thursday to have dinner with Dewey, Sharon & Sydney and then went to enjoy Syd’s high school concert. The concert was excellent, the visit with Aunt Berta good but poignant (she’s 85 and beginning with Alzheimer’s), and it was great to be able to catch up with Dewey & family. Friday we did breakfast at P&H Truck Stop (a yearly tradition :-)), caught up on laundry, and then went back to relish our last day at the cabin. Saturday was packing up and off to the airport. Sigh.
We were blessed with great weather (one morning we had such a perfect Vermont morning that we sat outside drinking our coffee until we all had pajama sunburns!), lots of family hugs, laughter around the games in the evenings, reflection as we read through and studied Ephesians, and sweet fellowship as we prayed together for each other and our families. It is such a precious week to me, and I am so very thankful that it’s “come together” even though I’ve been on the road.

Detroit Nightlife

In the strange logic of airline travel, I was returning to Nashville via Detroit. I had a one hour layover in Detroit, so I figured I’d have plenty of time to make my connecting flight. However, I failed to consider (as apparently did Northwest Airlines) a three hour delay (while sitting on the tarmac in Manchester) that had about half of the plane missing their connections. I was rebooked for a Sunday 9AM flight – and offered a discount coupon to stay at a nearby hotel. I had made a friend while waiting for the ONE customer service person to rebook the 25 or so people that were stranded, and she and I decided that it would be just as easy to just crash at the airport (it was already 10:30). Of course (as many of you know) sleeping for any length of time in an airport is quite impossible. Between the stationary arm rests, the cleaning crew, the lights that never go out and the VOICE that continues to tell you that you CANNOT BRING CERTAIN ITEMS ON BOARD, PLEASE CHECK WITH YOUR AIRLINE FOR DETAILS every 25 minutes (even though there are no flights leaving and virtually no one in the airport), a “doze” was about all I could do. I left a message for Gary (he had forgotten the phone in the truck while he waited for my flight in Nashville), but there was no way for me to know what was happening on his end. Little did I know that while I slept (and I use the word loosely) in Concourse A of the Detroit Airport, he was sleeping in the Economy Parking Lot at the Nashville Airport. It’s nice to do things together!
Here’s a shot of my new friend Missy trying to catch a few…..missy

Camp Overton, Rock Island, Tennessee
While I was in VT, Gary moved Lizzie to our June Project – Camp Overton. Since we’re the only couple here, it looks like I’ll be working with him most of the time. Should be an interesting month for him – and might just be our (or at least his) most challenging yet! 🙂

Check out my whole set of Girls’ Week Photos here if you’d like!

Girls’ Week was wonderful – but there’s no place like home.

2 thoughts on “Catchin’ up!”

  1. Hey, I loved those pictures of Girls week, but isn’t there one missing??? Like the traditional shot of the cabin from the pond??? I make a point of visiting your site at least twice a week just to see what you guys are up to. God has bless both of you and the work that you’re doing. It must be wonderful to be able to do Gods work and get to see this country at the same time. I’ve been super busy with the work I need to do for ESP, Amanda graduating from High School (June 2), LeeAnn and Amanda being in Europe (they get back on June 14) and LeeAnn’s wedding. I don’t think that I’ll get out of bed on July 8th! Hope to see you when you guys get a chance to visit Bucks County again.


  2. About the missing photo – Gary & I plan to be back at the cabin in August, so I’ll make sure to take the traditional shot! Thanks for noticing!
    And Amanda is graduating?????? Yes, you do have a few things on your plate in the next couple of weeks – but I’m sure you’re up to it!
    See you in September (I hope!)

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