Bob The Builder

So, did you have a good week? I started the week off with making a huge batch of chocolate chip cookies – any time a cookie recipe calls for 8 eggs, you know it’s gonna make oodles! They’re in the freezer waiting for the 100 8-12 year old campers that arrive tomorrow! Now that promises to be a busy week!

Gary finished up his basement projects – the storage room and additional closet under stairs – to rave reviews. We’ve named the storage room Libby’s Hideaway – and believe me she’s been busy filling it up! Here are a couple of pictures of the finished product –

room1 room2

closet1 closet2

By Thursday afternoon he was making a materials list for a deck he’s now building on one of the cabins. And by Saturday afternoon he had the “bones” done. Since we’re the only Sowers on this project, he’s been putting in extra time (like all day Friday and Saturday!). Not because he needs to, but because he enjoys this type of work. Here’s the beginning of the deck…..
New Deck Beginning

(There was a little excitement when the two snakes that he killed when he was preparing the area for the deck turned out to be Copperheads (yikes!), but other than that, it’s been pretty routine!)

Aside from being an occasional helper to Gary, I’ve mostly been helping out in the kitchen. There is one other family here helping out, so we’re having a good time. In fact, Libby has managed to get us passes for Curves in town, so we girls are making daily trips in for our 30 minute workouts. I don’t think it’s quite making up for the yummy food they’re feeding us, but still, it must be helping a little?!

Here’s a picture of the Collins River that runs around the camp (though we’re high on the bluff, so there’s no real “waterfront”).
view for DR deck
Check out other shots of the camp here.

Next week will be full of feeding the hungry masses and finishing up the deck. Our “official” time here is done on Thursday, but we’re planning on hanging around until sometime the following week. There’s even a rumor going around that we might take a little overnight trip the following week to see the sights on the other side of Nashville. 😉

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  1. You seem to be having a nice time here. I love Gary’s storage space – very nice.

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