A Day at Junior Camp

You never know what the day will bring at Junior Camp at Camp Overton.
Like the power going out at 11AM – just as we were getting ready to serve lunch. We recovered from that (and the masses were fed without too much fuss) and power was restored before the kids left for the pool. The afternoon was spent making a giant batch of gingersnaps (220 yummy morsels), and then a trip back to the RV for a little feet-up time, a power nap and maybe a quick shower. The shower had to wait though since the truck that was delivering a load of stone somehow cracked the main water line – and the entire (yes, ENTIRE) camp was without water. Yes, about 1 hour before dinner and with 102 young campers returning from a day at the pool, there wasn’t a toilet that could flush or a faucet that would trickle in the entire complex. We pulled off dinner (hot dogs and hamburgers w/fries and baked beans don’t require a lot of water), and when all was said and done we just hung out on the deck until we heard that the water line was repaired and clean-up could begin. It made for a longer night, but we had lots of help and the spirit of the evening was jovial. And then, just as the we were breaking up to go home, God gave us a spectacular sunset (sorry, no camera 🙁 ) to close out the day. God is so good to us!
They say there is never a dull moment here – and I’m beginning to see what they mean. I mean, really – a power outage and a water main break all in the same day???? Go figure!

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