Man, I’m really getting behind….

OK – First of all, we have arrived at our July location- Cedar Lake Camp in Livingston, TN. It’s farther north than our June location, but something tells me that it will still be in the 90’s most days. Gary has a pretty good list of chores, but I’m not sure what exactly I’ll be doing. I do know that Monday morning we’re leaving at 5:30AM to drive campers up to Dale Hollow Lake for “Canoe Week”. They don’t actually need us to drive there – they just need folks to bring the vans back. After that early morning chore, it looks like I’ll be learning the ins and outs of pool cleaning. After that – who knows! Maybe I’ll get to be Gary’s helper again :-).

So, about the pictures from our little get-away…..
Here is a selection – but there are several more here…..

Sam Davis ………View of Falls Mill

samdavis fallmills4-1

An Angel from the cemetery


stillhouse2 TNthistle2

Stillhouse Falls and a Thistle at Tims Ford Reservior

This area was very hard hit by that Easter hard freeze (that did such a number on all the nurseries back down in McMinnville – did I mention that that is the “Nursery Capital of the World”? Who knew!). Anyway, to compond the freeze, they have now been in a severe drought. I’m happy to report that both Thursday and Friday there was heavy rain here. Yippee! The down side was that it was just at dinner time and it made for a lot of soaking wet campers (and Sowers!). But the rain is a very good thing. Here is a view of some very pretty falls we discovered on Friday…..
Waterloo Friday 1
And here it is today (Saturday) when we returned….Waterloo Saturday
It’s amazing what a good old fashioned thunderstorm can do!
More on why we were at those falls two days in a row later…. 😉

One thought on “Man, I’m really getting behind….”

  1. I really like your photos. I can almost hear the birds singing and feel the cool breeze coming up off the water below the falls. Sure looks peaceful and beautiful. Can’t wait to hear the story about the falls but how cool you got to see it before and after the rain.

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