The pool is clean – well, for the moment!

Well, my tan is coming along nicely! But I think I’m moving off of Pool Maintenance and on to camper registration this week. Both the Day Camp (about 60 5-12 year olds) and Residence Camp (about 80 13-18) will be in full swing this week. Did I mention we’re parked between the boys cabins and the bath house? We get a fair bit of traffic around here.

We did have a good week – followed by a good weekend. I’ve been busy sewing on some different projects and am about ready to start on some Christmas presents. Sssshhh – don’t tell the kids! We did have some truck “issues” – our A/C died. 🙁 What a sorrowful thing here in July in Tennessee! It was pretty expensive, but at least Gary was able to do the install himself. Now it seems to need a tune-up. So much for the “auto maintenance” budget!

But what a fun weekend! We were joined by friends John & Rosie who live in Nashville, and we spent Saturday introducing them to geocaching. I think we might have them hooked! Plus we fit in a couple of wineries – and had a lovely drive through the Tennessee countryside. This is really a beautiful state – it reminds me some of Vermont (but without those harsh winters!). John and Rosie had come from Nashville on their motorcycle (we left it at the Cracker Barrel and drove around in our truck with the windows down!!!). Here is a shot of Rosie – and even though you haven’t a clue who is in that big black bubble, we can call it our group shot!

Sunday we worshipped at The River again and then did some more geocaching. (Yes, we do seem to be addicted!). There were so many right around town – plus some in lovely little parks. The two that we could not find last week continue to stump us. I think we’ll probably give it another try next time we’re in town. I think they should have beepers on them that get louder when you get close! 🙂
Here are a couple of shots from our treasure hunt today. I guess you can tell that Gary does most of the hunting while I do most of the “photo journaling”! I did actually find one in the woods today – that was pretty cool!
The treasure wasn’t right at these mini falls – but they were so pretty I couldn’t resist. And this park was right in the city limits of Cookeville! Amazing!
Norma Mitchell Trail Falls
This little park was right in downtown. Gary was busy retrieving a 35mm film canister from the magnolia tree while I was enjoying the roses.
Dogwood Park

Can you tell why we like this new hobby?

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