A mowing we will go…..

With 130 campers running around, it’s pretty tough to stay on top of “pool maintenance”. So, I have been moved to Lawn Maintenance. Yes, the girl that somehow managed to never even get on the riding mower when we lived in Jamison, has spent the last four days cutting lawn with a zero-turn lawn mower. Here I am – Mower Steph (with a view of some of my domain!)

Ten things that I have learned while mowing acres and acres of grass….

1. The “zero turn” thing? Well it’s a little easier said than done.
2. Young campers are prone to enter your mowing area. Stop and find a new patch to mow. There is always somewhere you can mow.
3. Straight line mowing is highly over-rated. I personally think that a nice scallop to the lines adds interest.
4. Sunscreen
5. And if you forgot the sunscreen on the first day, DO NOT forget it on the subsequent days.
6. No matter how carefully you turn, there will be times when you eat grass. Or dirt. Or bugs.
7. Fingers usually stop tingling within 3 hours of turning off the mower.
8. There is nothing quite as lovely as the sound generated after turning off the mower.
9. “Getting close” to trees and bushes takes a lot of practice and usually best left to those more experienced. (Sorry about that little Bradford pear…….)
10. Mowing provides a great opportunity to catch up with your prayer time. After all, who else can hear you? (Just don’t close your eyes and fold your hands!)

Oh – and my tan is really coming along!

This morning was one of those picture perfect mornings. I carried my camera with me to take some shots – here’s the best one.
(and yes, I even mowed the island!)

When I have a better internet connection I’ll try to upload some of the others so you can see our home base for July.
No big plans for the weekend – it’s time for some household chores for sure! Watch out dust bunnies!

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