Livingston, I presume?

Before we leave Livingston I wanted to share some interesting facts about this little town in middle Tennessee-
Livingston is the hometown of –
Roy Roberts – Blues King
Mike McCully – Space Shuttle Astronaut
Specialist 4 James T. Davis, – the first American killed in the Vietnam War

Livingstonian’s love their pets.
Within the town limits is a large veterinary hospital, Karen’s Doghouse of Beauty, and Creature Comforts Pet Retreat. Plus they also have an “Animal Awareness Association”. (Dear, are you aware that there is a cat sitting in your lap? I don’t know. Just what would an Animal Awareness Association do?)

There are more small cemeteries in this area than I have seen in a long time. We drive by 3 on our way to town and we’ve found caches in four others. They are all family plots that grew to include others, and most have tombstones dating back pre-Civil War. I find them to be very interesting and should start a collection of cemetery photographs.
Here are a couple…..

TN Cemetery Civil War Cemetery

York Buriel

Speaking of collections of photos – remember the Esto Post office picture? estoPO I’ve been thinking about collecting PO pictures too – they come in quite a variety of sizes and shapes. Here is the one in Livingston – a very nice addition to a lovely town square.

And here is one from Kettle, Kentucky (from our jaunt on Saturday).

Like I said, quite a variety!

So, back to Livingston – apart from the lovely afore mentioned town square, they have eight stop lights (all numbered – don’t know what’s up with that?), any number of fast food joints (from Sonic to MickyD’s to Taco Bell), a couple of family restaurants (one with a $6.50 Catfish special on Fridays that was pretty fine!), two dollar stores, 3 grocery stores (or reasonable facsimile thereof) and No Walmart. And it’s sort of a “gateway” to Dale Hollow Lake. All in all, a very nice little town. Come and see it sometime (though I haven’t noticed any Holiday Inns nearby!).

So we head out tomorrow. The awning is in, the outside shades are off the windows, and most of our “stuff” has been stowed away in it’s traveling position. It’s always sad to leave new friends, but this time we are excited to be on the go. Not because we haven’t had a good time here (we did!) or met some wonderful people (we have) – but because Friday we are meeting up with these guys for a weekend of camping!



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