Our longest trip to Vermont yet!

We left Jamison just a smidge after 4:30 AM in an effort to beat out some of the traffic (especially at the Tappen Zee Bridge). We arrived safely at the cabin in just under 10 hours! It’s generally a 7 hour trip, so you might think we did indeed hit some of that NYC traffic. But no. What slowed us down was stopping at virtually every rest stop and hunting down geo caches! Yep, we did 6 geo caches and 2 letterboxes. All without ever leaving the interstate. So we did a fair bit of stretching and walking – it made the trip longer in minutes, but shorter in boring time on the road. Of course that also included finding a Dunkin Donuts to get us through the pre-dawn darkness, a quick stop at Home Depot in NH to scope out supplies for a couple of Gary-projects up here at the cabin, a stop at the produce stand for some corn for dinner and last but not least, a $1.59 double scoop ice cream (Moosetracks & Candy Swirl) before we headed up the mountain (hey, that donut was HOURS ago!).

Pretty amazing that I have enough phone signal here at the cabin to actually get on line! It’s kinda good news/bad news. The good news is I can call Elna to bring forgotten items up with her (and I can get on the internet), bad news – some of the wonderful isolation of the cabin has been lost. Oh well, I guess I could always leave the cell phone and computer home if I really felt that badly about it, right? And I don’t, so I guess I think it’s mostly good news.

Vacation has started! Time for a nap!

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