An Interesting Day at the Cabin


Yes, it was a quiet morning here on the mountain as we waited for the tow truck to find its way here. The truck refused to start yesterday, so we were pretty happy to be able to contact our trusty Auto Club for that free tow (via the good news/bad news cell phone) to come and get it down to the garage in town. Fortunately, since Josiah & Abigail are here we have another set of wheels, so after Gary got the truck settled in at the garage, we were still able to head out for a couple of geocaches up in dem dar hills. Our first of the day was also our 100th cache, so it was fun to be able to do it on Wright’s Mountain here in Bradford (our cabin is off of Wright’s Mountain Road). It was a good hike, the guys did all the work finding the cache and Abigail & I enjoyed the views. Here’s a shot of us on the summit – with the treasure box!

We did a couple more – one easy one at an old church and another one back up the other side of the mountain. The hike to that second one wasn’t too bad, but actually getting to the cache was one of the most difficult one’s we’ve done. Well, I should say one of the most difficult ones that Gary and Josiah have done. Abigail & I were once again cheerleading from the top of the cavern. 🙂

Last night was interesting too! A bad thunderstorm came whipping through and we were without power for about 6 hours. We took care of the what’s for dinner when I can’t cook by heading into town for pizza (alway a good solution), and then returned in the pitch black for a quiet evening. With several candles lit it seemed like we could play some cards, so we gave it a good shot. Here’s Gary, figuring out his bid…..


We had just finished the game when the lights came back on so of course, we just went to bed! Go figure.

Tonight it’s homemade mac and cheese in our favorite cast iron pot….I’m pulling it out of the oven now! Gotta go!

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