Sweet Home Alabama

OK, so where were we? Right, we were on our way to Huntsville Alabama and the US Space and Rocket Museum. That was on Thursday, right? Sometimes all this fun really runs together! 🙂
So, the museum. rocketmuseumWell, it was pretty good. The museum itself was quite interesting, and we enjoyed a free tour (and no small school children) during our time there. The Rocket Park (and outside area with many older rockets (the real rockets, not just representations) and a couple of ride-type attractions) was a little….well, seedy is probably the best word I can think of. The rockets needed to be painted, the mulch needed to be weeded and freshened up, stuff like that. There is a lot of construction going on, so maybe the park is next on the list, but we were definitely disappointed with that part of the museum. All in all – we’re glad we went, but probably won’t have to go again any time soon!

We pulled into our October project on Friday Morning. We’ll be serving at Shocco Springs Conference Center -located outside of Talladega (yes, home of the Talladega SuperSpeedway) and my, this is quite a place! It’s one of the largest facilities we’ve worked at, with everything from lovely modern meeting facilities to adventure camps complete with high ropes courses and paintball! We’re parked near the center of things – right across from the lake. Here is a shot of where we are parked, and then taken from almost the same spot, our view of the little lake.

shocco2 shocco1

. The guys will be rehabbing (is that a word?) several of the hotel rooms and we ladies will be mostly working in the laundry or in the office. There are a total of 6 Sower couples here, quite a switch from our summer months. Seems like a fun bunch, so we’re looking forward to our time here!
And of course, in an effort to get a feel for the area we had to do some geocaching on Saturday. (Yes, we are quite addicted!). We did a total of 8 (and found all of them!), and four of those were in the same park in nearby Pell City. It was a beautiful day for a good walk (one of the benefits of geocaching), and as you can see by this photo it was a lovely park!
Lake Logan Martin
And as you can also see by the dock hanging out of the water in the middle of the photo that they are DESPERATE for some rain down here!
We didn’t actually spend that much time down by the water, but water shots are much more interesting than pictures of containers hidden in the middle of dry creek beds like this –
Alabama geocaching
See what I mean?

A little miscellaneous….
Even though I post my pictures on Flickr (and really like the service) I was given a coupon to make a photo book on Shutterfly. It was fun to do – and here is the finished product if you’d like to take a peek. The real thing should arrive here in a week or so. I can’t wait!

Better get to bed – I’ve got all that towel folding ahead of me tomorrow! 😉

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