I don’t think I’ve mentioned those darlin’ granddaughters lately, have I?

Well, it’s about time!
Tammy just sent these darling pictures of the girls. Ellie started pre-school this fall. From what I understand she is LOVING it! Plus it gives Tammy some one-on-one time with Hayley before Baby #3 arrives. (Just 7 weeks to go!)
Ellie's Ready for School

Looks like they’ve been out shopping for pumpkins!

And finally a trip to the zoo – and even Dad got to come along for the fun!


And our first day on the job? Well, everything went very well. The office wasn’t quite ready for us so we worked in housekeeping. Some of us were folding towels and sheets, and some of us were making beds and distributing clean towels. Hey, I’ve been training for this all my life!
The guys gutted 7 hotel rooms, getting the ready for a major overhaul.
We have a pretty interesting gang this month. All of us are full time RVers and we come from many different walks of life. In their previous lives these folks have been (among other things) big-rig truck drivers (I made beds with one of them today!), an Army veteren who also worked for Sears in their appliance repair department, someone who owned a Christian Bookstore, a retired UPS driver (he drove for 25 years), and a mechanical engineer. And we come from all over the country – California, Wisconsin, Virginia, Florida & PA. I love it when the Family grows!

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