Ladies Day Out

One of the fun (and optional) things that happens during a Sower project month is a Ladies Day Out. The ladies get together and plan…well, a day out! It doesn’t happen every at every project, but when it does, it usually involves shopping and eating. This time was no exception! We were joined by the director’s wife (Mary) who showed us the sights of downtown Talladega and the surrounding area. We had lunch in a delightful cafe, checked out a couple of local thrift shops, a Burke’s Outlet (never been there, but my, oh, my, great bargains), drove by the Alabama Institute for the Deaf and Blind (which includes the Helen Keller School of Alabama), Talladega College, and saw many beautiful Antebellum Homes. Yes indeed, there is more to Talladega than The SuperSpeedway! After our exhausting shopping and touring, we ended the day with a fru-fru coffee (you know, the kind with the whipped cream and drizzles on top!) and some amazing cake. It was a very lovely day!
We shared the cake. Honest!

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