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new view

So here we are again – settled in at Teen Challenge Boys Ranch in Bonifay, FL. As many of you might remember, this is the same location where we spent last winter. The plan then was for Gary to work on the A/C and heat in their new building. They weren’t quite ready for him – so he had a great winter being a general fix-it man, ranch hand, and kitchen worker. So we’re back again – the building has progressed along pretty nicely, and we THINK they have the funding for the equipment, so this looks like it will be home again for this winter too. It has been good to reconnect with the folks here that we came to love – and it was especially sweet to see the boys cheer when they saw we had arrived. There have been some changes (as is always the case) and we are settling in nicely. As you can see from the picture, the photos are out on the dashboard, the fall “decorations” are displayed and the sunscreens are on the windshield. In fact, if you look past those fuzzy sunscreens, you might be able to make out a couple of horses out in the pasture. We like the view!

Gary is meeting with the mechanical engineers tomorrow to get some details straightened out with the building. It’s been a frustrating couple of days for him, as he figures out what needs to be done and how that needs to be accomplished. I’ve been doing little odd jobs since I’m pretty busy trying to get all things Christmas done before I head north. And that is in less that two weeks! I fly to Harrisburg on the 3rd to help my dear sister Joie get ready for her daughter Abby’s wedding, Gary joins me on the 8th (the wedding is on the 10th), we’re hanging around Joie’s for about a week before we head out to Marysville (OH) for Thanksgiving (and to meet the new grandbaby who should have arrived by then!!!!). ALL the Conrads will be together for T-giving, so I am totally stoked about that!!!!

Today was like a sauna – humid beyond words and up to about 90! Tomorrow they are predicting that it won’t even get into the 60’s. Geez, this could be a very interesting winter! 🙂

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