Pictures! Pictures!

Here she is – Madelyn Saige Conrad! We can hardly wait to meet her (and hug the rest of them too!)
Maddie ready to go!

The new “sisters” –

All the Girls

And the whole family –
The New Improved Conrad Family!

I have a very special affinity for this new little one. We share not only birth order (we’re both the 3rd daughter), but she was born just one day shy of my birthday. I think we’ll be good friends!

The wedding was wonderful. It’s a very special wedding when folks can’t decide whether they’re “friends of the Bride” or “friends of the Groom” because they know and love both of them. I have lots of pictures that I’ll be getting uploaded over the next couple of days, but right now we’re just hanging around in the afterglow of a beautiful weekend. The gang here at the Fitzpatrick’s has thinned out. All the siblings have returned to their respective homes (Indiana, Tennessee, Virginia), and Elna & Henry are on their way home to Vermont. So the house is quiet, the living room is full of “stuff” that now needs to be sorted through and put away, and we were all very happy for the after church nap. Gary & I are hanging around for this next week before we head to Ohio to meet Maddie (and distribute those hugs) and celebrate Thanksgiving. And we do indeed have so very much to be thankful for!

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