Our bags are packed, and we’re ready to go….

OK, so my bag is not quite packed, but Gary assures me that HIS is, and all of the Christmas gifts and other sundry stuff that we have accumulated during our two weeks here is already filling the back seat of the truck. Gary figures he might as well remove the rear view mirror since it won’t be any help in the drive to Ohio.

My two weeks here (and Gary’s week and a half ) have been just delightful. Of course, the first week was spent in busy anticipation of the Abby’s wedding, the wedding weekend was full of family and “warm fuzzies” (not to mention the wedding), and this week was just a sweet gentle time of kick back and recovery from the busy-ness of the wedding preparations. We did a little shopping (where I was able to finish up the Conrad Christmas Shopping), did a little reading, ate a little too much (Joie hasn’t quite figured out how to cook for two instead of seven!), watched all 6 hours of Pride and Prejudice (we let the guys watch all six hours (or so it seemed at least) of Gettysburg) and ended most days with a quick match or two of Speed Scrabble. (We never keep score, just try to use up all the letters. So although it’s always a tie, she really wins with words like VORTEX and FRENZY to my VOTE and ZOO. sigh.). I took a day to meet my buddy Janet in Lancaster where neither of us really had any shopping to do, but we did enjoy our time together. I did manage to pick up some fabric for a baby quilt for Maddie, so that was pretty fun! 🙂

But tomorrow after church (and a church luncheon – more eating!!!!), we head west to Ohio. The truck has continued to have mechanical problems, but we THINK we might have finally fixed the problem. (The operative word here is THINK. I guess we’ll know for sure tomorrow when we start her up and drive to church.) Although it will be hard to say good-bye (well, Fitz will probably be happy to have Joie to himself again), we are very excited to be heading out to Toby and Tammy’s for Thanksgiving. I’m sure I’ve said this before, but between meeting little Maddie, seeing those other darling grandchildren, hugging all my dear children (I haven’t seen Lara in 8 months!), well…..guess you could say I’m just a little psyched!

Here’s a little sampling of pictures from these last two weeks – some wedding, some sightseeing, some just ’cause I thought it looked pretty cool. If you’d like to see the whole batch, check them out here.
But to start at the beginning……
Here is the view on our approach to Charlotte-
Charlotte from the air
And much to my delight, Fall was still in full swing during our time here –

Red Barn 2 Fall Drive 2

Fall View 3
And the wedding? Well, to be honest most of my pictures were of people looking at other cameras, but I did manage a good one of all the Fitzpatrick Siblings –
The Sibs
Christiana, Jon, Abby, Mike, Hannah
I think they turned out OK!
And here is one of my favorites of the bride and groom….ah, interacting with the flower girl (niece Molly Fitzpatrick) and ring bearer (nephew Pierson Bookamer) Getting Control

And remember the “sisters” picture in my last post of Ellie, Hayley and Maddie? Well, here are the three sisters that were at the wedding~
The Sisters
Elna, Joie and me!

Better head off to bed – I still need to finish packing!

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