A Long Day’s Night

Thanksgiving Traffic

I don’t know if it was being on the road for 12 hours, the long line of traffic ahead of us, or just the exhaustion of such a wonderful couple of weeks with family, but Gary agreed (suggested even!) to staying at a hotel tonight (as opposed to driving all night and just stopping to sleep in the truck if we needed to)! So we’re all nice and cozy at the Carolina Inn in Orangeburg, SC. Our destination tomorrow is Jacksonville, FL – where we will have the truck (yes, it is still giving us trouble!!!) looked at by a Dodge Master Mechanic (who is the son of some very dear Sower friends!). We’re keeping our fingers crossed!

But right now we’re enjoying the Eagles game (and they’re only losing by a touchdown. I guess that’s good since they’re playing New England).
I really do feel some zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz’s coming………

One thought on “A Long Day’s Night”

  1. Those Eagles put up a valiant effort. I thought they actually might pull it out. If they had just stayed with those inside passes…

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