Peanut Butter and Jelly

So, how do you make 60 hungry teenage boys happy on a Sunday evening? You make up a quazillion PB&J sandwiches and serve them with a big bowl of “Sunday Soup” (which is of course, everything that I could find in the frig put creatively into chicken stock!). These kids were sooooooooo excited to be getting peanut butter sandwiches – you gotta love it!

It looks like I’ll be spending a lot of time in the kitchen for the next couple of weeks at least. The kitchen assistant won’t be in this week – so that leaves a lot of blank spots in the schedule. Gary is back on board filling in at breakfast, and I’ll be filling in where needed. We have a new batch of Sower ladies this week, so there should be plenty of help.

We’re still working on getting settled back in here in Bonifay. Even though we took a boatload of stuff north, we seem to have arrived home with a whole new boatload of stuff. And with the current kitchen “crisis” we seemed to jump right into being busy. But the suitcases have been unpacked (though not put back under the bed yet) and I’ve even pulled some clothes out of the drawers to go to the thrift shop (you know, the RV rule – if you bring in something new, something old has to go!). We have signed up as Sowers On Assignment here again for this winter since it appears that the building (and the permits) will be ready for him to start on the A/C etc. come the first of the year. So it looks like we will be here until April (give or take a month).

And now some of those pictures…..
I’ll keep them small but you’re welcome to view them (plus the rest) if you go here.
First our special, custom made holiday – Thanks-mas!

Among their other gifts, the girls got ballerina outfits for Christmas. They were certainly a hit! If you check out the family portait a couple of posts back, they have them on there too! The one at the bottom shows the family on the quilt I made for Hayley for her birthday.

The Ballerinas! hayleyjump
Gathering on Hayley's Quilt

Little Maddie just got cuter and cuter (and is probably more so today!)
Smiling Maddie
Sorry, I couldn’t bear to make that one small! 🙂

Here she is in a group shot. (“Can I hold Maddie” was definately the most asked question of our time there!) Aunt Lara snuck into this one!

4 Conrad girls Blowing out the candles!

The second one is from Hayley’s birthday party – catch the reappearance of the ballerina outfits!

If you have time, check out the whole batch – there are some other cute ones. And if you do, pay special attention to the one of Maddie in her crib – she’s wrapped up in the blanket Lara knit for her, and to the side is a sweater that Lara knit in less than a day (with yarn she had dyed just the day before!). Amazing!

And finally – remember our geocaching craze? Well, we’re still at it and have found it to be especially fun to do the ones that are at rest stops along our travels. Some are hidden in light posts and phone booths, but some require a little walk and a nice break in our long drives.
Jacksonville, FL 11.27.07 003.1
He got a T-shirt for Christmas that says…
I use billion-dollar satellites to find Tupperware in the woods.
What’s your hobby?

So very true! 🙂

Meanwhile – anyone have some great recipes for almost anything that feeds 75-100 people? (Oh, and is budget friendly!)

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  1. Welcome home! I miss you guys already…but keeping busy out here. The quarter is so close to being done… just wrapping up a few more days. At least there will be some time for quiet then.

    Great pictures of the girls! Love you guys!

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