What we did yesterday we will do again tomorrow.

Yes, we’ll be cooking. 100 meals, 3 times a day, 7 days a week. OK, so we haven’t cooked every one of those meals, but we’ve certainly been on hand for most of them! And the next 9 meals will be our personal responsibility (the cook’s away!). But aside from the panic that the rice really will NOT BE DONE in time, or the questions about cooking butter beans, seeing the smiles on the faces of the boys (along with the hands that go up when asked if anyone wants seconds) has made all of the extra hours worth it. Hopefully next week we’ll get a day or two off, so I can get some housework done!

But since about the most exciting thing that has happened in my life lately is the fact that the rice did indeed get done (never underestimate how long it is going to take to get a huge pot of water to boil – I really should know better!), I thought I’d share some photos of my quilting projects that I did for the family this year. (This is mostly for my quilting buddies – everyone else, view at your own risk! )
Hayley’s Quilt
Since the girls are together in the same room (bunk beds no less!), I made her a quilt to coordinate with the one I made for Ellie last year. Tammy and I picked out the fabrics when we were together in August, and we chose a simple fat-quarter pattern (Yellow Brick Road). Since it was an easy pattern, I tried to put a little extra detail into the quilting. I don’t have a picture of it on her bed, but here are a couple of it on my bed – along with some close up detail shots.

Hayley's Quilt

Hayley's quilt detail 2 Hayley's quilt detail 4

I also made a pillowcase and a little pillow to match. (Those pillowcases are so easy to make – and are such a big hit!)
Hayley's Quilt, Pillowcase and pillow

Maddie’s Quilt
I also made a quilt for our new granddaughter – though at the time I didn’t know if it was a granddaughter or grandson. So while this may look a little like we were expecting a boy, I actually just built it from my “stash” – and I tried to make it nice a bright and interesting. Again, it’s a simple brick pattern, and I did just basic machine quilting. But the back is nice soft flannel, and I hope it gets lots and lots of use!
Maddie's quilt front

Maddie's Quilt Front Maddie's quilt back

The Nap Quilts
And the rest of the gang got “Nap Quilts”. I used the same Yellow Brick Road pattern, and put a nice cozy fleece on the back. Two were done in homespuns (again from my “stash”) and two were done in some fun bright prints. I kept one of the print ones – and can verify that it works great! (for naps, that is!)

Nap Quilt 3 Nap Quilt 1

Nap Quilt Back

Still on the horizon – a keepsake quilt for Maddie, finishing up a wall hanging and a table runner, and catching up on my “memory stars”.

But the very next thing on the horizon is chicken and rice for 80 hungry boys!

2 thoughts on “What we did yesterday we will do again tomorrow.”

  1. It’s really nice to see all your projects finished. What a challenge to find a place big enough to photograph them. I especially like your details of the special quilting. Nice!

  2. Hi Steph,

    You’re quilts look great! Nice job on the machine quilting. I’ve enjoyed reading all of you’re posts. Congrats on that new grandbaby of yours – what a cutie. Have a very Blessed Christmas – hope to see you soon.

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