A little bit of this, and a little bit of that.

Christmas in Lizzie
Christmas has come to our little house. The wooden nativity is on the dashboard, the Christmas wall hangings are in place, and my small collection of ornaments has been pinned to the window treatment. Some of our neighbors have lots of lights up, along with small trees, but we are showing great restraint. Since we already did Christmas with the kids, I think we’re doing pretty good!

So, what else has been going on? Hmmmm….Well, I had TWO days off this week!!!! Tuesday I spent cleaning and organizing and cleaning. I must confess, it was lovely! I still have tons of organizing to do (all of my closets and cupboards need some thorough going-through), but it felt sooooo good to get “stuff” put away, and dirt vacuumed up! And the on Wednesday I joined the other Sower ladies for a day out. Karen orchestrated a full day of interesting stops in and around Dothan. Interestingly we started at the Esto Post Office – where I am sure we overwhelmed the postmaster with our presence and business (yes, we did have postal business to accomplish!). I’m not sure how pleased he was that we considered it a tourist stop……but here we are for the official photo-op!

Esto Post Office
Along with our postal stop, we hit a great little used book store, several thrift shops, viewed some of the amazing murals in town and had a delightful lunch at Mildred’s Tea House.

Dothan Mural Tea Party

All in all a lovely day out – sweet fellowship, fun shopping and even a stop at the DQ!

Let’s see, what else. Well, this weekend was Parents’ Weekend. Parent Weekend
About 3/4 of the parents were here – some to watch their sons graduate (which 10 did 🙂 ) some to spend the weekend and then take their sons home for Christmas (about 25 did that) and some to see their sons for the first time in four months. Those last parents left tonight, leaving their sons here at TC. These weekends are always a mixed blessing – a healing time for some, a reminder of past hurts for others, the joy of the reunion only making the pain of the separation seem so much more severe. And of course, add into the mix missing Christmas with your family, and I’m sure you can understand why it was pretty quiet at dinner tonight. As much as we are going to miss being with our family this Christmas, I’m glad that we’ll be here with our “boys”. The staff here try to make it as special as they can – I hear that Gary is refereeing a paint ball tournement Christmas Day. Now That should be interesting!

That pretty much sums up our week. The kitchen still consumes most of my working time, though I think the schedule will be settling down for the next couple of weeks (especially since there are only 40 boys here). One of the Sower ladies has become my kitchen buddy, so that has been great fun. I’ll miss her when this “batch” of Sowers leave after this week. But not to dispair – another 8 couples will be arriving in early January! Gary met with the engineers last week, and is very hopeful that come January he can start ordering equipment and begin to get that process started.

It was 80 on Wednesday (when I was at the DQ), but right now it is only 38. Brrrrrrr. We had lots of hard rain and then high winds last night, (Gary was out at 2AM bringing in the awnings) but we aren’t buried in 10 inches of snow, so I’m not really complaining. Just commenting, honest. Especially about the 80 degrees on Wednesday. Honest. It’s just a comment. 😉

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  1. Are you sure it’s not gloating? 😀 But we love our snow and are piling up great mounds of it for our Hawaii visitors.

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