Twas the week before Christmas…

And what a week it was!
Monday – Spaghetti w/meat sauce and a nice tossed salad. 🙂
Tuesday we drove to Panama City, about 60 miles south of here. We needed to get to Best Buy (my new computer wasn’t playing nicely with me), and one of the boys needed to get to the Panama City Airport. We were happy to bring him along (plus we get reimbursed for the gas!), and we managed to accomplish lots of errands while we were “south”. The computer appeared to be working fine when we left – and we were blessed with the following sight when we exited the store…..
Panama City Sky
Even with a shopping mall in the foreground, it was a specatular sky!
Wednesday – Beef Barbeque Sandwiches and Chicken and Dumplin’ Soup ( I was working with leftovers!)
Thursday – We pulled out late morning and headed to Orange Beach, Alabama, to spend an overnight with my niece Hannah and her family who were vacationing there. What an excellent time we had! Thursday was rainy so we played in the indoor pool, sat in the hot tub, and had yummy pizza for dinner. We awoke on Friday to a picture perfect day – as you can see from this picture. This was our view as we drank our coffee…..
Balcony View 3
Dazzling, eh?
Now Hannah and Brian have 6 beautiful children, ages 5 months to almost 14. Friday morning Gary and Brian and the 3 biggest kids went out geocaching while Hannah and I had a “quiet” morning with the little ones (ages 5,3 and 5 months). Here they are….
Grace, Tali and Pierson 2 Pretty cute, eh?
After lunch the gang headed to the beach. The breeze was a little cool, but that didn’t deter those kids from thoroughly enjoying the beach in December.

Mason at work

Pierson at the beach Hannah and Tali

So there are a whole bunch of pictures of blue sky and ocean and beautiful children here – so take a look if you’d like! But here we are all together before we left on Friday night~
It was so wonderful to get a “Family Fix” since we won’t be with any of our children and grandchildren this week.

But our Christmas, though not typical, will be very special. Gary has gotten permission to cook the boys a steak dinner for Christmas and he’s very excited about that. PLUS – he’s refereeing the big Paintball Event tomorrow. How Christmasy is that! 🙂

But on a more traditional note…..

May your Christmas be filled with Peace and Joy~
This is how God showed His love to us:
He sent His one and only Son….”
I John 4:9

God Bless!

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