A Quiet Week

Since the only time I’ve been off the TC campus in the last week was a quick trip to Dothan to pick up some supplies for the kitchen, there is not too much to report about our happenings this past week. Probably the most exciting part of the week was when my kitchen crew and I checked on the casseroles for dinner (1/2 hr. before serving time) and found them still frozen in the center. Not a real calm moment. As I was trying to figure out what on earth I could fix in the next ½ hr that would feed 100 people, the girls suggested that we just pull them out and start chopping them up! We took those four casseroles, divided them into nine casseroles, covered them up and put them back in. Oh, and we cranked those convection ovens up to about 425! Yes, those were an exciting couple of minutes!

IMG_9788_edited-1But it was a good week. I got some much needed cleaning done, pulled out the sewing machine and started on Maddie’s quilt, and caught-up with some computer work. The kitchen schedule has settled down a little – there are lots of helpers this month, so I’m not putting in quite as many hours. When they do leave me “in charge” it’s been fun to take the stated menu and make it my ‘own’. For example, Saturday’s menu read – Baked Fish (Talapia – what a treat!) , mixed vegetables, creamed potatoes. What Stephanie & Gary made was Baked Talapia with lemon butter and a parmesan/breadcrumb crust, roasted carrots with dill and roasted potatoes with garlic and rosemary. Then we found two cans of vanilla pudding – not quite enough for our 70 cadets – that we stretched with a container of Cool Whip and served with some vanilla wafers. It all made the boys very happy. They rarely get fish, so that in and of itself was a treat. Peanut Butter
But while it was almost gourmet on Saturday, on Sunday we were back to an old favorite – PB&J with a hearty bowl of soup!

One of the perks of our parking space is a great view of the cow pasture. Normally, I wouldn’t necessarily consider a cow pasture such a great view, but there are 6 new calves out there, and they are pretty darn cute! Plus every now and again we get to see the boys on horseback out for a Sunday ride.

IMG_9782_edited-1 Horseback riding

BTW – the casseroles were a big hit – and plenty HOT! 🙂

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