Wow, we’ve had a beautiful weekend and beginning of the week. Today it was in the low 70’s and tomorrow is expected to be up to 80! We’ll be back in the 60’s by the end of the week (where we should be here in the Florida panhandle), but it certainly has been nice to leave the jackets behind! The morning started with a little fog, though, so I got a nice misty shot of the lake in the front of the property.
foggy morning1
Here’s another at just a slightly different angle. You can see the new RV park up on the “hill” . Some of the folks are moving, but we’re staying put! I don’t want to give up my spot close to the laundry house! 😉
foggy morning 2

Here’s some BIG NEWS –
Gary thinks he’ll be starting to work on the A/C Wednesday. I hope he can fit that in with helping me in the kitchen!

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