You’ve heard of a two horse town?

Well, we were close to a Two Egg town. Actually it was the town of Two Egg. Honest!
Two Egg

LDO 21308
We ladies were out enjoying our “Ladies’ Day Out” – which this month included a trip to Marianna to see their lovely antebellum homes, a trip up the road to Greenwood to see Pender’s Store (which we were told was quite historic, but was actually just a dusty old neighborhood store that carried pvc fittings, crushed pinapple and local honey. Hmmmm.) We had a lovely lunch back in Marianna, stopped at a organic healthfood store, and then made a quick trip to our local outlet mall (6 stores!). Ok, so it wasn’t quite a trip to Longwood Gardens, but we had a fun time exploring the area. The Chamber of Commerce in Marianna was in a wonderful old house – here we are on the balcony –

How’s the weather where you are? The last several days have been very lovely – highs in the 60’s and low 70’s. So we were sure spring was well on it’s way. But a cold front came through last night (along with another Tornado Watch), and today was just in the 40’s. Tonight we’re headed into the 20’s. Brrrrrrrr…..
Guess we’ll be dripping those faucets tonight!

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