Out and about

We had a fun little jaunt down to Panama City today to pick up a load of insulation. On the way we got to stop at the dentist (good news though, no big dental work required!), and since it was a beautiful day (though chilly) we had a nice time on the road. Here he is – with the trailer mostly loaded – Pretty creative use of a horse trailer, don’cha think!

We pass this house on the way to PC – and today we stopped to take a picture. I think in a couple of years it will be totally reclaimed by the earth!

And the last shot of the day is a little roadside art. I don’t think it’s currently a functioning shop, but at one time I bet it served up a mean ice cream cone!

So aside from our little outing, the rest of the day was quiet. It’s nice having a day off (well, for me anyway. Gary did work the rest of the afternoon) in the middle of the week. I finished a book, watched Little House on the Prairie, and generally loafed. Tomorrow it’s back to the kitchen for me – I think I’m making Tater Tot Casserole.

Freeze warning tonight – maybe it’s the last one of the season?

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