A day out with the boys!

This was Parents’ Weekend here at Teen Challenge, and all but 5 of the 30 or so 2nd platoon (they are the ones that have been in the program the longest) had parents come. Although ALL of the boys that didn’t have parent visits were pretty sad, these 5 seemed especially pitiful (:-) ), so Gary and I took them on a little road trip to Dothan. Whooeee!!! After about the 3rd stop (yes, we were running errands!), we had pity on them and took them to the movies. Now since we are mostly out of the loop on what would be a good movie to see (let alone what official guidelines there might be from TC), we decided to play it safe and saw College Road Trip – rated G. Okay, so there weren’t alot of teenage boys in the theatre, but it actually was a pretty funny movie (in a classic Disney sort of way), and there was obviously noth objectionable about it. It’s funny how when you are incharge of 5 boys who come from very different (and often very dysfunctional) families, you suddenly listen to all of the jokes and dialogue through different filters. Of course it had a happy Disney ending – Dad came around to understand Child, and Child came around to understand Dad. Oh, if life could just be that simple (and wrapped up so tidy) for these boys!

After the movies we headed off to CiCi’s – an all you can eat PIZZA BUFFET! Can’t beat that plan!
Here’s the whole gang of them – pretty good looking crew, eh?
Out with the boys

We saved our last errand – Sam’s Club – for the final stop of the day. They had a good time checking out all the TV’s, computers and other electronics – and even managed to find the one food sample table (after all that pizza! GAH!). And we had a good time picking up over $200. worth of breakfast bars, oatmeal, jumbo-sized spices and various odds and ends for the kitchen. We had the boys back to the barracks only an hour after curfew (oops!), but nobody got into trouble! It was a fun day, and a good chance to get to know these young men on a different level.

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