My bags are packed, and I’m ready to go!

Yes, I’m leaving on a jet plane – and Lord willing, I’ll be hugging daughter Lara by the end of the day! I’m pretty darned excited about this trip – it’s been forever (maybe it’s even the first time?) that Lara and I have had just girl time. I’m totally stoked!

Other tidbits – I’ve been introduced to online scrabble games – check out the Scrabulous website if you want to join the fun! I’m playing 4 games right now – it’s pretty addicting! And I’m pretty much losing, but hey, someone has to come in last! The best part is that I’m playing with my sisters and kids, so it’s a little bit like family game night! 🙂

Food Discovery – if you take your Jiffy cornbread mix and spread it on top of anything (but in my case it was cheesy mexican chicken) – it’s a HUGE hit. You’d’ve (how do you do THAT contraction????) thought I’d invented sugar! (Well, it never hurts that teenage boys that don’t get any snacks are pretty impressed with anything that is served!)


So if you don’t hear from me for a week or so – it’s because I’m busy playing! But, Lara does have a computer (duh), so you never know – we may have whole new look by the end of the visit!

Off to the airport!

One thought on “My bags are packed, and I’m ready to go!”

  1. The weather’s nice there, right? Oh wait, you’re coming from spring. Silly me… Hope you and Lara have a great time. Soak up some warmth for me, ok?

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