Catching up!

I’m BAAACCCCCKKKKKKK! Well, I’ve been back a couple of days, but I seem to have fallen right back into the routine here at Teen Challenge. I know I need to catch you up with my California Adventures, but it’s already bedtime tonight – and the most important thing I need to do is wish my youngest child a Very Happy Birthday! Josiah Wood Conrad turns 27 today! If it wasn’t so late, I’d scan in some cute shots of him as a baby and I may just do that tomorrow – but here he is today (well, not today, but the last time I saw him!)
Josiah -Nov. 2007

I’m pretty sure he’s got a little more facial hair now – and he tells me he got a tattoo for his birthday. Ah, sweet youth!

Happy Birthday, honey! We love you!

(And I promise to fill everyone in on my California trip soon! Honest!)

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