First things first….

I’m so far behind in catching you’all up with our adventures – I’m sorry! Right now I should be packing for a little weekend get-away we have planned. But first……

It was a wonderful trip. Lara and I had lots of “girl time” – soaking up girl-goodness at a beautiful spa, working together on one of her beautiful knitting projects that actually required sewing (that’s where I came in handy!), taking in the sights of San Francisco with both Lara and Jeff, eating out and eating in! She and Jeff even took me out for a Karaoke night – yikes! She (and all her friends) were great. I, on the other hand, left just a little to be desired! I need to find me a good song and work on it!
I didn’t have a working camera until our day in San Francisco, so my pictures don’t really tell the whole story, but here are a couple of my favorites….
Lara and Jeff- with Alcatraz in the background-
Lara and Jeff

I think this bird has a little attitude, don’t you?

Can you see the Golden Gate Bridge in the background?

If you’d like to see the whole batch – from the two of us sewing, to our beautifully manicured toes, to more sights from Fishermen’s Wharf feel free to visit here.

In other Conrad Family news, Ellie has lost her first tooth!
I told Toby they’ll be packing her up for college soon! 🙂

And in a little Teen Challenge news – and our life here – an additional cook has been hired! She has lots of experience and seems very comfortable in the job. It has really freed up my schedule – enough so that Gary and I are getting away for the weekend and meeting our dear Sower friends, Bill and Dolly up in Albany, GA. (He’s retired military, so we’ll be staying on the Marine base there. Even though the weather is calling for rain, we are totally looking forward to getting away – even if it’s just to play cards and watch movies! We got them hooked on geocaching, so I’m sure we’ll be trying to fit some of that in too!) Gary has been getting a little discouraged on the A/C installation front – some of the equipment is in at the warehouse, but TC had no money to pick it up. But today he learned that they are expecting a promised check from a foundation they have been working with on Monday. Praise the Lord! Hopefully he will be able to get a fair bit of it done before we head out the end of May.

I won’t bore you with the fact that we’ve had our A/C on the last couple of days, or that the trees are all beginning to bud. I’m sure spring is well on it’s way where ever you are too!

I better get packing!

3 thoughts on “First things first….”

  1. We woke up to another inch of snow this morning. But I’ve seen robins in town. They won’t be up here for a while though – maybe after we melt the foot and a half of snow on the ground. We are sugaring. It’s been so cold that the sap is still rising. Pretty crazy if you ask me. But we’ve made almost 4 pints so far – and the next week looks like very promising conditions for sap collecting. We’ll put pancakes on the menu for when we see you again. 🙂

  2. Mmmmmm…I love maple syrup! We’ll be in touch about our Vt schedule – probably driving up Sunday the 15th or Monday the 16th (that would be in June!). We’d love to stop on our way, maybe for an overnight?
    Have the robins made it up the hill yet?

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