The neighborhood’s a’changin….

Remember all those cute little cow pictures I’d been posting? Well, they got moved out of our viewing field and for several weeks all we did was watch the grass grow. I guess the grass finally got green enough on that side of the fence, because we have new neighbors….

new neighbors

tc horses1

But on the other side of us, the neighborhood has really cleared out. We are the Last Volunteers Standing. The RV park that held up to 20 RV’s at any given time over the winter, has now emptied out to just 4. One is empty (it’s the “guest trailer”), two are occupied by staff members and then there is us. So it’s kinda lonesome down here. But on the bright side, there is almost never a line for the washing machines!

Gary just stopped by and asked if I wanted to see a brand new foal, just born today. Here he is – resting again after standing for a little bit. There was quite the crowd around – coming to offer their congratulations, I guess!
Foul 2
What you lookin’ at?
Visiting Hours

Sweet life on the farm!

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