The Sunshine State

So, after being on the road for almost 4 years (can you believe THAT!), we’ve decided to “move” to Florida. Since we no longer own property anywhere, and home is basically where ever we park it, we’ve been trying to figure out the best state to call home. We still love Pennsylvania, but everytime we pay that 3.01% income tax (like this month), we start to re-think our residency there. There are only a few states that have no income tax and different states have different residency requirements. Can you believe it, some of them actually want proof that you LIVE there! Florida (I guess since it already has so many snowbirds) makes it pretty easy. All you need is a street address, which we got when we signed up for a mail forwarding service in Lake City. So, after checking out insurance quotes, vehicle registration costs, and tax levels, we decided to become Floridians. Here is some of our new “look” –

FL Truck FL-License

One of the hardest parts of this change-over was when the girl at the DMV handed me my new license and threw my PA one in the trash. Ouch. It seemed so final.

One of the funniest parts of our change-over was looking out the window of the DMV to see this house in the middle of the road.
house moving
See the police cars behind it? Well, they had just pulled the house over (and that’s a trick, believe you me!) because they failed to get the correct permits. We were back in town today to finish up the RV registration and were happy to see that the house had moved on its way. Apparently though, not before it collected SIX tickets for various house moving violations! Oops!

And on another entirely unrelated subject….
Somehow, several months ago, I wandered onto a really fun webpage called The Pioneer Woman. The writing is very funny, she posts great recipes and takes amazing pictures. And one of the things I have especially enjoyed is the fact that she explains how she gets her photos to be so wonderful (apart from the fact that they are just plain good pictures). I recently purchased Photoshop Elements 6 since I “needed” a photo editing software for my HPI work (oh, and maybe because I really enjoy messing around with my pictures!), so it’s been fun to follow some of her steps in making a good picture even better. I’ve been having a good time playing with my pictures in Photoshop, plus, when I upload them to Flickr there is another option for more editing with Picnik (I’m sure you’ve noticed some of the different edges and effects in recent posts. Yep, that’s just me playing!)
Here are a couple pics of that new little foal – check out how long his (her?) legs are! Almost as long as mama’s!

tothebarn mamaandbaby

These two were taken on the same walk – can you tell we’ve had some great weather? 🙂

gary walking says who

There’s still alot to learn….stay tuned.

Oh, and tomorrow? We head to Dothan for Gary’s root canal.

2 thoughts on “The Sunshine State”

  1. Well, congrats on your “move” to Florida … I think. I’m sure it’s good to have that taken care of. Hope the dental work goes well.

  2. It is good to have it taken care of. We’ve talked about different states – TX, TN, FL – for several years. It does seem weird though. Hopefully we’ve lined up our ducks in the correct order!

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