A Big Week

So, it’s been a big week for us here at TC.

First of all, the root canal. Let us just say that any time you put the word “micro” with dental work it really means “macro” in the billing department. And that’s all we have to say about that.

Friday we drove to Mobile, Alabama. As hard as it is to believe, we were going to finally (sit down) pick up some of the A/C equipment for the Big Blue Building. We brought along two strong teenagers, rented a 24 ft. Budget Truck in Mobile, filled it up with equipment at United Refrigeration, and drove it back to Bonifay (about 400 miles round trip). Here are some packing shots….
Getting started….
Getting started
While they could still get to the back of the truck….
Looking in
And finally with the truck all filled up…..
Packed up

I’m pretty sure we won’t be here long enough to actually get any of it installed, but at least it’s here. And that is a good thing!

The weekend flew by – a trip to Dothan (to return the truck), a quiet afternoon, a good service on Sunday at the little Baptist church we’ve been attending, and then our standard Sunday dinner – soup and PB&J’s for 70 hungry boys.

And then today – well, today is Gary’s birthday :-). I figured “our boys” would like to celebrate Brother Gary’s B-day – and I KNEW they would like to share in the cake!
brother gary
I did manage to convince them not to throw him in the lake! He would have been a good sport about it, but I wasn’t sure his body was up to the event!

Anyway, Happy Birthday, Honey!

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