A walk around the farm

(Yes, that means there will be cow pictures)

So we started out by the field in the front of the property. There are about a dozen cattle out there, and a couple of younguns. Here is one giving new meaning to “lunch on the run”:
Lunch on the run

Then we went back to check on the new foal. There are five or six other pregnant mares back there, so we weren’t quite sure what we’d find. Well, it had been quiet (no new deliveries), but it was good to see Spice’s baby.
Spice's foal 1
It cracks me up that she/he (I haven’t a clue) looks like an entirely different foal from the other side!
Spice's foal 2

From there we headed to the back of the property. Remember those cows that used to live in front of our RV? Well, we were going to visit them. 🙂 We couldn’t get very close, but they must have thought we were coming with food, because suddenly they were all heading our way. It was a little spooky – here’s a shot of a line of the little guys looking expectantly us.
I confess we were a big disappointment.
However, the next day the whole herd was back in our “front yard” (the pretty horses were moved to other pastures!). There must be at least 20 calves in the group. So cute!
Here is our new front window view –
The Cows are back!
Here’s a bunch of them not too far from the fence. These babies have a nice variety of color, don’t they?
looking away
I haven’t a clue what all the Moms are looking, but it probably had to do with that food thing! It would have been nice of them to at least look at the camera!

And to wrap up the farm animal post – here is a close up of some of those babies!
Cow Closeup
No special reason. Just cause.

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