Some Fun Pictures

Hungry Cows 2
Do you think they come up for air????

And here’s the new kid on the block….
New kid on the block
Mama is saying – so what are YOU looking at! And I can’t get over how close their markings are. It’s almost like the perspective is goofy!

So we finally got out to somewhere other than Home Depot in Dothan! We found a small ice cream shop (Blue Bell Ice Cream…yummmmm!) over in Geneva, AL (only about 15 miles away!), and decided that the 90 degree day on Friday warranted a trip! While in Geneva we visited Fowler Park – just a little local park located where two local rivers join (that would be the Choctawatchee River and the Pea River….don’t you think those letters could have been a little more equally distributed!). It was a pretty day and we enjoyed just wandering around. And I enjoyed taking lots of pictures of live oak trees with Spanish moss, cypress trees growing out of ponds, and the expansive rivers. And yes, you get to see them too!
(Who’s that good looking guy with the paint on his shorts!)

IMG_1176_edited-1 IMG_1182_edited-1

IMG_1189_edited-2 copy IMG_1186_edited-1

IMG_1188_edited-1 copy IMG_1171

Hope you all had a good Mother’s Day. I was 2 for 3 on calls. Maybe his phone is broken? šŸ™‚ (We’re a little tricky to reach – no cell phone reception and no answering machine on our land line. It’s always a challenge, and everyone is usually surprised when we actually answer a phone call!)

Coming soon – more cute family pictures!

5 thoughts on “Some Fun Pictures”

  1. we tried a couple different times throughout the day! on both phones! and left a message!! šŸ™

    happy mother’s day! we love you.

  2. Well, I figured that was the case! We are pretty hard to reach sometimes! Did you get to spend time with your mom?
    We love you too!

  3. What a pretty spot that park is. And it looks like it was a lovely day.

  4. It was good to get back to a computer and get your updates. Excellent (as usual) pictures and comments. I kinda liked the one with the cow with no head and two tails.

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