Honey, these grits are really good!

OK, we’ve been in the south long enough!
Those were Gary’s words this morning as we enjoyed breakfast out (it’s really hard to get breakfast without grits down here). I’m afraid. Very afraid. 🙂

However, it was the start of a very fun Saturday for us (and it was a very good breakfast, btw). We had made arrangements with our new nephew Jon (who married niece Abby last November and was up in Ft. Benning, GA doing some Army training this month) to meet in Dothan and check out the Smokin’ in the Wiregrass BBQ Festival. We beat the crowds by getting there when the gates opened and had a great morning wandering by the vendors and checking out all the amazing BBQ cooking contraptions that were being used.
Forget the funnel cakes and the roasted corn, what we were really waiting for was the People’s Choice BBQ tasting. Here’s the plan – wait in line, get your ballot, pick up ten little cups full of BBQ pork, taste them all IMG_0456
and choose the one you like best. Here they are all ready for the judging!
After you finally decide which one you like the best, you fill out your ballot and then leave the tent. Did I mention there were 4 tables that needed to be judged 🙂 . Back in line, on to the next table, more sampling (I mean, these things needed to be judged. After all, it was the People’s Choice Award). We made it through the line three times before we had OD’d on BBQ. But I felt we did our part. (And it was really harder than it looks!)
Along with the live entertainment that was going on at the other end of the midway, there was also live music right by that People’s Choice Award tent (that’s really why we spent so much time in line, right?) Here is the most unusual Steel Drum Band I think we will ever see….Heaven’s Island Steel Drum Band –
Whaddya think?

So after one more loop around the fairgrounds (with a little stop to enjoy The Jimmy Hope Band performing on the “Main Stage”), we left the festival to introduce Jon to geocaching. Since he’s in the Army now, he caught on pretty quick!
We started right in town – in someone’s front yard it seemed!
IMG_0457_edited-1 So it’s hidden right in the tree? Yep!
From there we moved to just outside of town – here are the guys trekking toward that storm drain. (We had tried to get to it from the other side,, and believe me this was the better plan!).
So, they started looking all around and finally – yes, there it is, isn’t it?
Yep, that’s it! Good Find! (and thanks for being the one to brave all the prickers!)
We checked out the goodies in the cache and decided to just sign the log and let it go at that. (Really, who needs another Happy Meal toy!)

And then to add just a random bit of nonsense to the day, after that last geocache we stopped at a couple of sample houses to check them out. I was just curious about how much they were, but we decide to go in (well, the guy came out and asked us to, and it seemed rude to say no!). Like I said – random!

We finished off our day of fun with Jon with a stop at the DQ – always a good way to end an adventure! We sent Jon on his way home, and we pressed on to do our regular “Saturday In Dothan” errands. Home Depot, Sam’s Club, Walmart. Called the kids and a couple of our friends. (Only actually spoke to 2 people, but it was worth the shot! I just love seeing 5 bars on my cell phone!)

So, we had a great Saturday. Thank you, Jon, for driving to Dothan to spend the day with family you hardly know. And now that you DO know us better – well, all the more reason to offer thanks!

It’s past time for bed. All this fun is exhausting!

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