The distraction of putting stuff away

We’re in countdown mode here – anticipating our departure from Teen Challenge in six days after being here for 7 months! One of the first things I tackled was getting my sewing machine put away. Needless to say, that lovable beast really ties up the “dining room” in our little house! But before I put it away, I wanted to catch up on making my memory stars. When we set out, (almost four years ago!!!!) I wanted to figure out some way to make a remembrance quilt to, well, remember this trip. So for the last four years I’ve been stopping at little quilt shops along the way and gathering fabric to make into little 6 inch stars that will remind me of that particular area (corn for Iowa, fireworks for where we were for the 4th of July, seashells for our time at the beach, stuff like that!). Sometimes it was easy (like the corn in Iowa), and sometimes it was harder – like trying to find fabric that would remind me of geocaching in Tennessee. Anyway, I kept collecting and kept sewing. I need almost 200 of those little stars, and that’s a lot of trips to those fabric stores! Here’s the batch I just finished up before I got the machine put away – stars
which include memories of Christmas projects, baby quilts, my niece Abby’s wedding, working in the kitchen here at TC…you get my drift?
Here is a close up of one I made of Abby’s wedding. Her colors were black and red and I thought the delicate white background had a wedding feel to it. (Plus she wouldn’t let me cut out a piece of her dress! 🙂 )
star closeup
I’m down to my last 15 stars! Whoohoo!
But in other preparations for our departure – we (and I use the term loosely) washed Lizzie today with a little (?) help from some willing volunteers from second platoon. (Probably the promise of an off-campus BBQ lunch after the chore helped spur them on!). Also, it was hot and sunny and involved water and a pressure washer, so I think they really had a pretty good time!

It will be a busy week, I’m sure!

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  1. Your blocks kook great and I love the way you’ve labeled them. I look forward to seeing the whole thing when it’s put together.

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