Take off completed!

Mission Control, we’ve completed the first leg!

Our departure from Teen Challenge was accomplished with lots of hugs and not a few tears as we said good-bye to the friends we had made over the winter. It was especially hard saying good-bye to the boys since we know they won’t be there the next time we return. We expect that our trek west (and possibly very far north) will take over two years so we don’t expect to be back in the Florida panhandle for quite some time. But we knew it was time for us to go – and off we went!

Our drive to Nashville was uneventful. I was happy that Gary remembered how to drive our little house and I was pleased that I didn’t do too much gasping as I got used to be a passenger once again! We did a couple of geocache stops along the way, and just generally enjoyed our time on the road. (Stopping for diesel wasn’t so much fun, but that’s the price of being on the move!) We’re hanging around with friends John and Rosie here in Nashville and are enjoying reconnecting with them. Plus, we got the tires rotated today! Gotta keep up with the chores even when you’re on “vacation”!

So it’s off to bed – just wanted to let those of you keeping track of the countdown with me know that the mission was accomplished!

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