Over the river

Yep, the Grand Mississippi – (that force field that we have only broken twice before during our 4 years on the road!)

miss08-2 mississippi08

Through the woods Arkansas fields,
Arkansas field
(Did you know that rice was a huge crop in Arkansas? Not that these were rice fields, but we did see lots!)
Approaching the mountains,
AR Road
Going over the mountains –
(I’m not sure you can really get the feel for this “hill”. It was one of those declines that has a “check your brakes” pull off for trucks at the top and one of those fun (gulp) runaway ramps half way down.)
Over another river (the Buffalo River this time)
(Apparently it had rained steadily the night before, but the muddy river didn’t seem to deter the boaters!)
Past another field or two (but definately of a different variety)
To our July home we go (went?)
Woodland Acres Bible Camp
Woodland Acres Bible Camp, just outside of Green Forest, Arkansas (up there in the Ozark Mountains).
July Home
We’re all nestled in (yes, in the woods it seems) and are anxious to start work tomorrow!

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