Ah, quiet


The swings are quiet – the campers have all left. After two busy-busy weeks, we are enjoying several days of solitude before a new batch of campers arrive. And since they are a rental group (just using the facility), there is not nearly as much to do to get ready. Even the director and his wife have taken their four young children for a little R&R up in Branson, MO. Gary is still working on his project, but I’m kicking back and getting caught up with chores, sewing, and computer work!

We had a good weekend. Did you? After helping with breakfast on Saturday, I spent the rest of the day sewing. Gary spent most of the day on the sofa! Between five long days of working in the heat, he also was having some sinus “difficulty”. Bottom line, he was exhausted! Sunday we headed west to Berryville for church again, and then did a couple of geocaches in the area.
Isn’t this a cute little Welcome Center? Although it was closed, we were told that it is actually a spring house and that the spring feeds the lovely brook that is close by.
Berryville Welcome Center
And here is that “close by” stream…
Berryville Stream

There seemed to be a dragon fly party going on – here is one in its neon blue glory.
Berryville Dragonfly

And then as I moved down the stream a little, I noticed many more “hanging around” in the trees.
Berryville Stream2

(Trust me, there were “many more” than what you can see in that picture!)

The rest of Sunday was consumed with naps, reflection, sewing, and a little dose of Jane Austin. Yes, a very good weekend indeed!

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