So, just WHAT is Gary doing?

Good Question!
Gary is undertaking the task of totally remodeling a 30 ft. travel trailer. One that sat empty, with the slide out, for more than four (4!) years. It was donated to the camp and they really would like to have it available for visitors or maybe summer staff. Gary took one look at it and said (under his breath, I’m sure!), you want THIS to be lived in again? Well, there’s nothing that guy likes better than a challenge. Oh, and a director that says, do it however you’d like. Just tell me what you need. OK, then. This might just be doable!
So here’s the trailer, before any work started-
Not too bad from that angle, but it’s a little more of a challenge from this angle….
Hmmm….that slide has GOT to go. Let the demolition begin!
(Yes, his head was under there just moments before!)
And THAT’s how you get rid of a rotting slide.
Now, for that hole in the wall…..let’s get building!
and building…
Can’t forget the wiring – they might just want some lights over on this side of the room!
trailer 7
The walls are going up! I promise, he doesn’t forget the windows!
On the inside (which had it’s own version of mess), he had torn out the bad sub-floor and put down all new sub-floor.
See the nice floor? Wait until you see what they have him putting down for tile!

WhoooHoo – Start your engines!!!!! ūüôā

I think it’s pretty amazing all that he has accomplished in just two weeks (sweltering HOT weeks, at that!). The kitchen cabinets arrived today, so after he finishes up the floor and all the trim, he’ll put the kitchen back together,
trailer 8
get those windows put back in and finish up all the finishing up stuff. We’ll be here until August 1st, and something tells me that he’ll be busy right up until we leave!

I don’t know about you, but that guy really impresses me!

2 thoughts on “So, just WHAT is Gary doing?”

  1. Great project!! That will be a very useful resting place for future visitor/volunteers.

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