I think I’ve forgotten how!

Over the last 14 months I have totally gotten out of the habit of cooking. Now, if you’ve traveled along with me this last year you know that that is about ALL I’ve doing! Hungry campers in Tennessee, hungry missionaries in Pennsylvania, hungry teenage boys in Florida, and hungry campers here in Arkansas. And if I wasn’t actually working in the kitchen at a project, we were still invited to join with the staff if meals were being cooked. It was an incredible blessing. Plus I got to develop a killer spaghetti sauce for 100! But, to just cook dinner for Gary and I, night after night – well, that hasn’t happened since May 2007! With no campers here at WABC, we have been left on our own. Yes, we must feed ourselves!!! So Sunday I made our standard favorite – grilled chicken over a big salad. Monday – Pasta with olive oil, garlic and fresh parmesan cheese. Another staple in my cooking for two repertoire. A little salad on the side, and we were good to go. Tuesday Gary offered to cook. Yep, hotdogs and sauerkraut (plus another salad). We seem to be sinking fast. I can’t remember what else I can cook. Or maybe the question is – Can I cook? But then I remembered a yummy recipe from a favorite website called Crash Hot Potatoes. Sounds pretty weird, but here’s the picture from the recipe on line –
PWcrashed hot potatoes
Do these look good or WHAT!
Anyway, I did remember how things worked, and my final product turned out pretty darn yummy (though not quite as pretty as the one above!).

Crash Hot Potatoes Dinner

I’m encouraged – I think it’s coming back to me (the cooking-for-two thing).

It is terribly pitiful that I’m posting about cooking and sharing food pictures with you? It’s still part of the adventure, isn’t it?

Can you tell our TV has broken?

Oh – here’s a link to the recipe. Enjoy!

Ummm – any ideas for Thursday? 🙂

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