Odds and Ends

The Weekend
We had a good weekend. We both put a little work time in on Saturday – Gary at the trailer and I was helping get cabins ready for the next group. Then on Saturday night we headed to Eureka Springs. We had spent a weekend in Eureka Springs over three years ago so we knew it was a neat little town. But this trip was to see The Great Passion Play. This play is put on in a outdoor 4000+ seat theatre and was quite impressive. Occasionally a little southern accent slipped in, but by and large it was an excellent production. An added bonus was that the camp director here (and his wife and four children (ages 2-12)) are all in the play! Aside for the delight of having free passes, it was very fun to see them perform. Here’s a shot of the theatre that I snagged from their website – you can see how large it is (even if the picture is small!).
Can you see the Christ of the Ozarks statue over on the right? Here’s a zoomed-in shot that I took–
Christ of the Ozarks

It was neat to watch the clouds over the statue as the sun was setting. (But if they don’t keep those tree trimmed, He’ll be gone in a few years!)
We didn’t make many other stops while we were in Eureka Springs, but here is a photo taken at one of gardens surrounding one of the local springs.
Next to it is a photo that I took last time we were in town. I confess that it has always been one of my favorites!

Magnetic Springs bluespring

New Endeavors
So, not only has our front TV bit the dust, but our old computer recently decided that we really didn’t need the display. If it hadn’t been for the fact that Gary was using that computer for his mapping programs (and solitaire when I was rudely hogging the new computer), we would have just trashed it. But, since it would occasionally work AND would work fine when we hooked it up to another monitor, Gary decided that he should take it apart to see if he could fix it.
Dad and the Hardware
Much to our amazement, after he had taken it all apart and then put it back together again (not really doing anything except cleaning out several large dust bunnies), it started working! Unfortunately, the mouse pad now wasn’t working. Now that he knew how to take it apart, he figured he’d take one more look and see if he couldn’t get that mouse pad to work (not that we don’t use a wireless mouse most of the time anyway….) You guessed it, he should have quit while he was ahead! Now we’re back to lovely colored lines on the monitor. Sigh. SO, his most recent endeavor is bidding on refurbished units on Ebay! (Maybe I should have been worried when he asked me what I wanted him to do with the extra screws!) Maybe we can sell this one for parts?

Camp Memories –Had I mentioned before what a good time I had working in the kitchen here at WABC? There was a great team – Bekah (who was about a week away from delivering her firstborn son!) and Nora were the adults in charge. But each week there was a crew of hardworking teenagers who manned the dish room and all aspects of “hospitality” – making sure everything was out and then after the meal making sure everything was cleaned up. It was a great group of girls – and by the end of the second week we were all having lots of fun together –

KitchenCrew WABC1_edited-1

But my other task was being the Cabin Inspector. You know, checking for trash and neat beds and tidy bathrooms. The first week I was the mystery inspector – no one was supposed to know who I was or when I would show up to do the inspections. It was fun as I tried to come up with clever ways to present my findings! By the second week my cover was blown, so I decided to just go with the flow. I developed a thick French accent, and became Ze Inspectoor. By the end of the week I made a little “movie” of shots I had taken and had even figured out how to add music! Talk about taking on a life of it’s own! Here I am as Ze Inspectoor –

wabc2 edit
Ooh –la-la! Ze fun I had!

Wrapping things up –
Right now we’re busy battening down the hatches (which really just means I’ve finally cleared my sewing stuff from the kitchen table!). We head out on Friday. We’re not going far, just about 75 miles west to Springdale, AR and Ecclesia College for our August project. Not too much of a change of scenery, but at least it’s a little farther West! After Ecclesia we head to Colorado Springs, CO! We’ll be posting the support letter for that fill-up! 🙂

Oh – one more thing!
Almost a year ago an online travel book (www.schmaps.com) asked if they could use one of my pictures in their Nashville Travel Book. I said yes at the time (does that make me a published photographer?), but just a couple of weeks ago I got another email letting me know that this “book” was now available on iPhones. Here’s the link –
of what it will look like on the phone.
And here’s the picture itself!
The Carter House

How cool is that!

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