Before we go any farther…..

Before I start collecting and sharing pictures and stories from our current project and location, there are just a couple of loose ends to wrap up –
Gary’s Project –
OK, so there is still plenty to do (cleaning, plumbing, LANDSCAPING, furnishing), but this little trailer is definitely on its way to being a pretty nice place to stay.
Nice job, honey!

A Bump in the Road –
Don’t you just love understated road signs?

Have you ever seen this at a Post Office before? I wonder what the story here is?
And I wonder who took the hook!

A Heavy Thank-you
Over the last four years of doing SOWER projects we’ve gotten all kinds of “thank-yous” – mugs, flashlights, T-shirts (LOTS of T-shirts), even a plaque. But this is the first time we’ve gotten a rock!
Looks like an alligator, doesn’t it? Our very own pet rock!

Oh – one more thing!
These pictures are a little hard to post because
1. It’s almost 100 degrees outside and these pictures involve a SWEATER.
2. This cute baby boy is not my grandchild. (But he is my great nephew!)
But cute is cute – and I couldn’t resist posting these pictures of little Stephen Fitzpatrick posing in the sweater and hat that his second-cousin (?) Lara knit for him!
How cute is THAT!

Tomorrow (Monday) we start working at our August project – Ecclesia College in Springdale, Arkansas. I think I’ll be working in the office (yea!!! Air conditioning!), but the guys will be working on some dorm remodeling. We can only hope for A/C for him!

Hope you had a good weekend!

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