Love those extra Saturdays!

It’s been a while since we’ve worked traditional “Sower hours”. Ladies normally work from 8-11:30 and the men work from 8-3:30 with an hour off for lunch. And then there is that delightful four day work week. Yes, it’s been a while since we’ve enjoyed those Fridays off. But these days we’ve been enjoying those extra Saturdays!
Friday (or Saturday One) we headed south to Fayetteville, home of (among other things) the Razorbacks and University of Arkansas. But before we took a little tour of the campus, we went a little farther south to the small town of Prairie Grove. Here, in December of 1862 the last battle of the Western frontier of the Civil War was fought. We enjoyed the walking tour of the battlefield and then took the driving tour that went into the town. We always learn things at these parks, but I find them to be so poignant. So many lives were lost. But our day in Prairie Grove was quite nice. It was raining off and on, but we managed our walk nicely and then even tried a couple of geocaches. We weren’t so successful , but we won’t give up the GPS just yet!
Prairie Grove State Park-2

Prairie Grove State Park-3

Prairie Grove State Park-4
There was a geocache in the apple orchard –
But try as we might, it remained hidden. However, it did let me take some fun apple shots….

Prairie Grove apples Prairie Grove apples-2

Prairie Grove apples-3

We drove back up to Fayetteville and enjoyed a drive around town (though the teaming rain hindered some real sight-seeing!), lunch at a place called Hog Haus and the relative quiet of a college campus the Friday before the students arrive back in town! A quick stop at Sam’s Club, a slightly longer stop at Wal-Mart for groceries and supplies and we were back home in plenty of time for a quick nap.
Yeah, ya gotta love those extra Saturdays!

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