The Neighborhood

So I haven’t shared too much about what we are actually doing here at Ecclesia College. It’s not because we haven’t been having a good time – we have, but just that the month has gone by pretty fast and we’ve been doing some pretty regular stuff. Jane and I have been working in the “Dome”, I’ve been manning the front desk, answering the phone and working on some spreadsheet/data entry for the upcoming school year (reminds me of my previous life!) and Jane has been doing everything from averaging grades to cleaning spots off the rugs. Gary and Neal have been working on completing some new residence space – mostly working on two matching bathrooms. They started with tiling – floors, walls, even the ceilings! That was pretty crazy! Have you ever heard of ceramic tile on the ceiling???? Well, it’s a done deal here.
So, real quick – here are some shots from the job….
The “Dome” – this is the main building on campus. It houses all of the offices, the library, bookstore, auditorium and I believe several classrooms.
Dome bldg at Ecclesia College
One of the bathrooms in the beginning……….and near the end…..

tile! completed bathroom

Gary with Jane and Neil taking our wonderful mid-morning break!
And here’s a classic Gary shot – He just loves diving into a good electrical panel!
gary working

So that’s a nutshell of what we’ve been doing. But what I have really been enjoying is where we are parked. First of all we are parked right next to a lovely butterfly bush – and have been delighted with the variety (and abundance) of butterflies that have visited.

butterfly 3 butterfly
butterfly-5 Butterfly 1
butterfly 2 butterfly-2
another butterfly butterfly-4

And between our rig and the butterfly bush we have hung our hummingbird feeder. And how we have enjoyed those antics! Lots of little hummingbird wars going on out there. And all of them moving too fast for this girl’s camera!

And on a totally un-related note, I thought I’d share this picture of our little blue-eyed Maddie. I’ve been having fun playing with my Photoshop Elements program – and came up with this today. I hope it brings you a smile. It brought one for me!


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