Final Days at Ecclesia

First – Lara arrived safely in Waco – exhausted, but there. Thank you for praying! The bigger part of her journey lies ahead – getting settled, starting her job, building relationships……As she comes to mind, I know she would covet your prayers!

As for us, we have a journey of our own coming up. Tomorrow we move the house to a local dealer for a little check-up on Monday, and while Lizzie is being checked over, we’ll be up in Branson,MO enjoying a little tourist time. When I left Gary alone in Memphis, he signed us up for a Time-share freebee in Branson! So, in exchange for listening to the schpeil (no clue how to spell that – or if it is even a real word!), we get two nights at a lovely hotel with a couple of nice perks. We’re meeting friends there and hope to get to see a show or two, depending on the budget! At any rate, we’ve heard a lot about Branson, so we’re looking forward to our time there.

We return to Springdale on Tuesday, hook up the truck – and take off for COLORADO!!!!! We should at Navigators in Colorado Springs by Saturday since we’re hoping to see some sights along the way. And since we have NEVER been that way before, there will be lots of new sights to see!

Before we bid adieu to Ecclesia – a couple of Parting Shots…..
I don’t know what it is about fields with round hay bales – but I just love the looks of them. Imagine my delight when I realized that although we are parked in a nice grove of mature trees, there were fields of hay bales all around us! There is something so symmetrical, yet random about them!
And in the early morning mist……
Morning at Ecclesia
How pretty is that?
Here are the guys going to work-
Off to work

See – hay bales everywhere!

Well, I need to continue getting ready to roll – you know, put the toaster oven in it’s travel spot (inside the microwave), strap down the coffee maker (literally – we use a bungee cord), and clear off all the counters. Time to hit the road!

(can you believe it? ….COLORADO!!!)

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