WE MADE IT! We are tucked safely in our little spot at Glen Eyrie, which is a part of Navigators Ministry . We took today to get acquainted with the area (and do a little food shopping!). Honestly, the Rocky Mountains are in our back yard!! This morning I watched about a dozen bighorn sheep walk along the road as we headed to the gate. And as you can guess, my camera has been clicking away. In fact, I have quite a little travelogue all put together about our journey here with lots and lots of pictures. But, although they provide us with a good strong wireless internet here, some sites have been blocked. My Flickr account is one of them. 🙁 I can’t talk to the IT guys until Tuesday, so I’ll just have to wait. Sorry!)
But I did want you to know that we are here. At the Rockies. Farther West than I have ever been (in a vehicle). And it only took us four years of driving around to get here!

Fortunately the pioneers were a little quicker!

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