Colorado Recap

We’re all tucked in at Riverbend Retreat Center – it’s lovely here and I’m sure we’ll have a good month. But let’s do a little recap of our month in Colorado Springs, which truly was an exceptional month.
First of all – the people –
The Glen composite
It had been a while since we were part of a large Sower group at a project. There were 9 couples from all around the country and from all walks of life. And we played and prayed and laughed and cried and became family. It was very special. And I thank God for it!
Bonus Stuff –
You know (if you’ve been reading along) that we had a couple of amazing road trips while we were in the shadow of the Rockies. Another thing that was on my “to-do” list was to walk through Garden of the Gods (which was literally within walking distance of Glen Eyrie.) Finally, on our last full day in town, we made it down the street to walk through this amazing group of rock formations.

Garden of the Gods 8 Garden of the Gods 7

Garden of the Gods 6 Garden of the Gods 3

Garden of the Gods 4 Garden of the Gods

g of g BW

Doesn’t God have a wonderful sense of placement?

We also managed to squeeze in a quick trip to the Air Force Academy. It was an impressive campus. The most visited site on campus is the Chapel – and while it’s not exactly my “style” of architecture, it was quite an impressive building.

Air Force Air Force-1

And one additional blessing that I need to mention is that while we were at Glen Eyrie there was a Fly Fishing Retreat. Now Gary had just bought his first fly rod, but had never really done any fly fishing. He was able to attend not only a 3 hour hands-on demonstration but he was able to go on a full day of fishing with just 12 other guys – 4 of whom were professional fishing guides! How’s that for a nice start to a new hobby! Now he didn’t catch anything, but said he had a great day anyway. So here’s my guy – all ready for his first day of fishing!
Fisherman Gary

I could go on and on – Manitou Springs, Old Colorado City, Woodland Park, fun local restaurants, a wonderful quilt shop, Focus on the Family, bighorn sheep, deer wandering through the RV area, Cowboy Church… really was a wonderful month. Thanks for coming along!

Tomorrow morning we head to Waco to spend an overnight with Lara! While I saw her at Easter, Gary hasn’t seen her since Thanksgiving! Waaaaay too long!
I have lots of road pictures from our two day drive from Colorado Springs to Glen Rose, but I guess that will just have to wait. I think this will be a “no computer” weekend!

See you on Monday!

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  1. Hey… I had just seen you in July when you picked my up at the airport in Ohio! It was a quick trip, but it hadn’t been THAT long. 🙂

  2. Right! I guess it just seemed long since we had a good visit – and we were (and are) pretty stoked about being able to spend some time with you!

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