Four Cemeteries, three local parks, two lookouts, a post office and a mystery house.

And that means we spent Saturday geocaching! Of the roughly 46 geocaches within a 10 mile radius of town, we managed to hunt down about a dozen. I know I have said before that this hobby helps us really explore an area – and I can guarantee you that we never would have found some of these roads (and interesting sights) if we hadn’t been on this treasure hunt.
So , from the top –
Cemetery One –
This was our first cache in while, and for a bit we were afraid we would have to log a DNF (did not find). However, we took one final look at the tree that we felt sure held the treasure – and there it was!
(And since it is there in this picture, I’m sure you can feel our pain!)
Two more cemeteries right in a row –

And one very interesting hiding place –

geo-4 geo-5

From the cemetery bonanza we headed to the town square to locate an historic log post office and a dinosaur footprint (apparently this area has all kinds of dinosaur footprints and fossils!). This was a “virtual” geocache so we had to gather information and then send it in. It was a pretty interesting building, and right next door was the town museum, so we took a break and checked out the local “stuff”.
After our little town square adventure we followed the GPS to Heritage Park. It was a great little park on the Paluxy River where several historic buildings had been relocated.
This was a “multi” cache, so we had to follow clues through the park to find the final treasure. And even though we followed all the clues and all the directions, we never did find the final stage. But then again, it was a 35 mm film canister hidden somewhere in this wall –
Yep, a DNF – but according to the log, the last 5 visitors were also DNF. Misery does love company!
On to another great local park – Big Rocks Park.
Gary worked on this one since it was way back in the woods while I stayed back and took close ups of the local flora –
But I digress……
Back on the track to a local Soccer field – and another walk into the woods.
Here’s a geocaching tip – always check under the rock in the tree!
From there we found one under a rock on an overlook, checked out a small local rest area and found one under a bench, and found one on an abandoned property. There was this VERY interesting building along the road near one of the caches –



What do you suppose it was? The front part looks like it might have been a (drive through?) porch of some kind, and there were places for lights over the arches. And the construction was amazing – stone, quartz, petrified wood, mortar and brick.
There are other building in the town with that interesting brick work combined with stone, but I have never seen anything quite like this. Guess I’ll have to ask around!

We finished the day with one more cemetery (there are actually 30 cemeteries in this county!), another overlook and then a quick trip to Granbury for the weekly Home Depot/Lowes/Wal-Mart run.

All in all – a very good day! Only 1 DNF – and even that took us to a lovely park with lots of interesting buildings and local information. If this has been WAY too much geocaching info – sorry! And if it has whetted your appetite for this crazy hobby – check out and see what all the fun is about!
And I quote Gary’s favorite T-shirt (thank-you, Lara) –

I use billion-dollar satellites to find Tupperware in the woods.
What’s your hobby?

P.S. – the whole set of Glen Rose Geocaching pictures is HERE if you’d like to see those overlooks (remember, we’re in Texas), that other cemetery and a couple of other miscellaneous pictures!

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