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We’ve finished up our first week (gotta love these four day weeks!) here at Sahuarita Christian Academy. This is a new school – I think this is only it’s second year. When it began, it had 40 students (K-12) and was totally contained in this building –
front view
(This is actually the rear of the building – it’s the view we see from our parking place.)
This year they have close to 140 students, and have put up three temporary buildings next to our RV sites which now house grades K4 through 6th grade-
November home
The guys have been working on constructing a fence around the area between the school and our sites (which hopefully will become a construction fence when they break ground for a new building. Of course the new building depends on funding, permits, God’s timing……). Gary’s also been doing some routine check-ups on all the A/C units in the buildings. We ladies have been working in the classrooms – tutoring, grading papers, organizing lessons for the rest of the year. It’s been fun to interact with the students and get to know some of the dedicated staff.

And we have been loving Arizona! We’ve stayed pretty close to home this week, but with the weekend ahead, I’m sure we’ll be exploring some of the sights. We already have a field trip planned to go see the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum with the other Sower couples on Saturday. There is so much to see and do here – I’m working on a list to try and keep track of things we really want to do. If you have any suggestions, let me know!

But even though we haven’t had the opportunity to be out and about a great deal (well, we did make it to the laundromat in Green Valley tonight), many lovely sights are just outside our door……literally!

sunset again-1

eastern sunset Eastern sky sunset

(The small pictures are of the Eastern sky during the sunset!)

Oh – and did I mention that the weather this weekend is going to be sunny and bright and in the mid to high 70’s. Yep, we’re lovin’ it!

5 thoughts on “Sahuarita”

  1. Stephanie!! Enjoy Arizona and it’s great beauty. Try to sneak away to Sedona! Hopefully you are only tutoring math, reading, home economics, social studies, and leaving science to one of the other Sower ladies……..


  2. Actually I’ve been mostly doing the grading and lesson prep (which involves tearing pages out of books for each student and organizing them all by day. ALL of my collating skills are being put into action!). I am realizing that I am probably NOT smarter than a 5th grader though!

  3. Sedona is beautiful. My cousin who is retired lives there and they are avid sailers and campers. Don’t forget the Grand Canyou and Mesa Verde cliff dwellings. That is farther north. Tousan is nice also. We lived out there while Bob was in the Air Force stationed at Luke AFB in Goodyear, Ariz. The weather is great in the winter but HOT by summer. Enjoying traveling with you and all your adventures. Carol

  4. I meant Tucsan. Don’t know what happened with my spelling there. Have a nice day. Carol

  5. Are you near Chandler, AZ? If so, you might be interested in a visit to this exhibit.
    Virginia is an art quilter that I’ve gotten to “know” in cyberspace. I have actually met her at the Houston show but I regularly read her blog online. Every year she spends several weeks camping and canoing in the boundary waters area in the northern mid-west and much of her art is based on what she sees and does there. You can see what she does if you scroll around in her blog. She also does lots of fund raising for the American Cancer Society which is the reason I got to know her in the first place. Anyway, she does interesting work.

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