Lots and Lots of Cacti!

desert museum-6
We spent a wonderful day at the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum Saturday. It is certainly more zoo-ish than museum-ish with several miles of trails through the desert. It was a spectacular day and we were all thankful for the sunscreen they acutally supply in the restrooms!
This museum is all about desert life – both flora and fauna. While the desert in a far cry from the green I am used to back in Pennsylvania, I confess that I have been amazed at the amount of plants that call the desert home. And of course, the star of the show here is Arizona is the Saguaro –
desert museum-10
Did you know that these giants live for between 50-100 years before they begin to grow arms? And once they start, there is no (apparent) rhyme or reason how many they grow or where they shoot out from. They certainly come in all shapes and sizes….
desert museum

desert museum-3
I wonder how old this guy is?

We were treated to a hummingbird aviary and a raptor free-flight demonstration.
desert museum-8
The vistas were spectacular –
desert museum-4
And the day memorable.

Today included a good worship service, a nice lunch out with Sower friends, phone calls and birthday wishes from folks that I love, and a yummy Pecan Clusters Blizzard for dinner (hey, it’s my Birthday – I’m allowed!).

Hope your weekend was a good one! If you’d like to see a couple more cactus pictures, check out this set
But here is one of my favs from the day –
desert museum-1

(and this was before we started!) 🙂

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  1. I like all the birds you managed to capture in your cactus pix. And I really like your pictures of the saguaro. Makes me want to be there.

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